NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon Reveals that a Key to his Success was Psychology, but that he Kept it a Secret!

"It is this absurd baggage that prevents NFL teams and coaches from employing team psychologists as regularly as they do trainers and physicians."

"Warren Moon just took a big chunk out of that wall of absurdity with a big and strong sledge hammer."

"Very soon all sports teams will be screaming for sports psychology - it is so necessary - and this article's comments by a Hall of Fame quarterback make the point that greatness must include the mental side of the game and that general counseling is so necessary too - and without the stigma of ignorance!"
Sports Psychology Commentary and Updates from Dr. John F. Murray in Palm Beach, Florida
There are some exciting new developments today as Warren Moon just came out and said that psychology was a key to his success but he only now reveals that he kept it a deep secret and that he had to sneak into his therapist's office late at night. See the article here on Warren Moon.

While Moon talked about the benefits of therapy, another Hall of Fame quarterback, Joe Namath, was quoted about how difficult focus really is. See the article here on Joe Namath.

To help people like Joe Namath, and really anyone who needs help with focus, I wrote a new article which you can read. See the article here on Concentration.

Last but not least, I wrote a detailed editorial about how sports psychology shoots itself in the foot as a profession in over-thinking confidentiality. See the article here on Sports Psychology.
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