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As students all over the world go back to school, teachers, students and parents don't realize that some of the greatest teaching needs are routinely ignored. These include the mental aspects of performance including confidence, focus, goal setting, imagery, resilience and discipline. There is always a heavy dose of Math, Science, and English, but what about proper managment of thoughts, feelings, actions and sensations? 

Sports psychology and mental coaching is specialized tutoring
designed to teach the science of success. Great athletes have
been doing it for years, but what about our children and all their
many needs in their personal development, academics, sports,
and preparaton for life?

Public and even private schools simply ignore this vital service
and leave it up to the parents to fill in the gaps. Knowledge is
provided about formal school subjects, but knowledge and habits for living wisely and successfully are just ignored. 

Dr. John F. Murray has been providing this needed service now
for 20 years, but phone, skype, office visits and travel to client

Here are just 3 of the hundreds of comments about Dr.
Murray's sports psychology work and the benefits of training
the mind regularly. These comments area from a football player, attorney and basketball player, but the need for high level performance pervades every aspect of life ... and school just does not teach it!
John, you are an outstanding coach and your training got me to 
another level as a trial attorney. I’d recommend you to anyone. Your 
tools are invaluable, for anyone who wants to take their     
skills to 
another matter the profession. Maybe these     
cynics will finally
learn. Unorthodox for a successful attorney to     
get mental coaching? 
Maybe. But you proved to me it’s of     
stratospheric value. I’m a believer.
FRANK GOLDSTEIN, Trial Attorney, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.    

After having micro fracture surgery on my knee, I knew it would 
be a long road to get my my body back into playing shape. I also 
knew that to complete my total recovery, I needed to get assistance 
from a mental coach. Dr. Murray helped me regain my     
focus after 
being out of the game for a long period of time. I used     
Dr. Murray’s 
techniques of positive imagery and felt the benefits     
immediately. It 
helped my game tremendously.
Tracy McGrady, 7-Time NBA All Star & 2 Time NBA Scoring 
Leader, Detroit Pistons    

Working with Dr. Murray was not only beneficial in my athletic
endeavors but my personal life as well. Through his guidance I was
able  to overachieve and accomplish my childhood dream of
playing  football at the University of Alabama. I still use some of  the
methods he taught me in my everyday life. I am forever  grateful to Dr.
Murray and his ability to take a blue collar kid and  develop him into a
national champion!!!
RTR – KELLEN WILLIAMS (2009-2013), Pat Trammel Award 
Winner and 3 Time BCS National Champion, Alabama



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Palm Beach, FL  33480

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