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Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit 2023 Archive Available
The Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit 2023 was held by Seafood Legacy and Nikkei ESG this October. You can watch all 20 sessions that cover the latest important issues of seafood sustainability for free.

Do you know the Sustainable Seafood Catalog?


The Sustainable Seafood Catalog is an online BtoB catalog that only shows certified or FIP seafood products. If you want to purchase or sell products, please feel free to contact us!

Why does the Japanese frozen food and logistics giant Nichirei address seafood sustainability?


Based on its management strategy, Nichirei is actively making efforts 

to improve seafood sustainability. Creating new values and continuing to challenge ourselves, is in our blood and strength.

Sustainable Seafood News from Japan
Kyokuyo group researched the sustainability of fish they procured in 2020 
According to the research, the status of 78% of the wild fish was not concerning, and 11% of the farmed fish was ASC-certified. (only in Japanese) 
JFREA published a guidebook to calculate captured CO2 in seagrass/algal bed
The guidebook shows how to use formulas depending on the 21 groups of seaweed/algae and 9 sea areas in Japan. (only in Japanese)
Nissui group published its first TNFD report
The company assessed its nature-related risks and opportunities in 21 sea areas for wild fisheries, and in 71 areas for fish farming along with the LEAP approach. (only in Japanese)
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