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Since 2006 Real To Reel has consistently sent out Email location announcements to it's exclusive list of Locations Professionals as a means of quickly bringing new locations to market and refreshing memories about the great dependable stand-by locations we've represented for years. Below you will find an archive of recent Real To Reel location announcements. Open an announcement by clicking on the title or follow the link located at the bottom of this page to subscribe and have announcements Emailed directly to you. (PLEASE NOTE: As properties are re-photographed to include the latest looks available, many of the photos and links on earlier newsletters may no longer work.)

MALLS (Mar 2017)
Need a Mall? We've got 'em all!                                  

Gardens Regional (Mar 2017)
Newly available and only through Real To Reel Gardens Regional Hospital

Brotman/Southern CA Hospital (Dec 2016)
RE-Introducing Southern California Hospital at Culver City!

Vacant Westside Warehouses & Office Space! (Nov 2016)
Three Amazing Westside Buildings Available for Short or Long-Term Use!

Out of the Zone Properties - Corrected Links (Oct 2016)
OUT OF THIS WORLD - TAKE 2: Hidden Gems Just Outside the Zone!

Alla Road Center is back! (Sep 2016)
After a successful run hosting a popular reality show, Real to Reel is pleased to again offer this exclusive up-scale space for short or long term filming

Spotlight: The Chapman Building (Sep 2016)
Back by popular demand, The Chapman Building, built in 1927, is available again exclusively through Real to Reel.

Spotlight: Experium (Sep 2016)
Exclusively represented by RTR, this ultramodern lab is fully available for short or long term shoots.

Check Out our New Versatile Downtown Locations! (Aug 2016)
RTR's newest exclusively represented downtown buildings, The Onni Buildings, have everything you need and more!

Spotlight On: The Greenhouse Loft (Aug 2016)
You've got to see this place to believe it. It's another amazing new listing brought to you exclusively through Real to Reel.

Jazz and Wine at H&H Copy (Jul 2016)
Join us next Tuesday night for Hollywood & Highland’s final Wine and Jazz event of the summer season. As Hollywood & Highland's and RTR's way of saying thanks for your business, enjoy a special prime seating area reserved just for Location Managers by sending your name to:

Spotlight On: South Bay Galleria (Jun 2016)
This, beautiful film friendly shopping center with a closed, (former) Nordstrom's is available exclusively through Real to Reel and it's ready to go for your next shoot.

Sunkist Available Again! (Jun 2016)
The well known Sunkist Building, Real to Reel's exclusive Sherman Oaks office, has become one of the most popular places for production offices in the entire San Fernando Valley, everyone loves working at this location.

Spotlight: Schools Summer 2016 (Jun 2016)
SCHOOL'S OUT - which means now is the time to film at these fine schools when their schedule is wide open.

Spotlight: Arden Center (May 2016)
This Real to Reel exclusive is located in film friendly Glendale and it offers a variety looks.

Spotlight: Warehouses & Stage Alternatives (May 2016)
Let us customize a package for you for stage use and production offices at one of these great locations.

Spotlight: Cole Crest Estate (May 2016)
Everyone who has scouted this amazing home loves it.

Spotlight: MALLS (May 2016)
If one of these great Malls doesn't have the Mall location you're looking for - well then it probably doesn't exist.

Spotlight: Sunkist Studios (Apr 2016)
A great place for either practical locations or production offices.

Spotlight: El Camp (Apr 2016)
You're not going to believe the variety of looks and ease of filming at our new & exclusive modern office campus in El Segundo.

Spotlight: Hollywood & Highland Center (Apr 2016)
Real to Reel's exclusive, world famous Hollywood & Highland Center is now easier to film than ever before.

Spotlight: Experium (Mar 2016)
If you haven't checked out this amazing ultra-modern lab you don't know what you're missing!

Spotlight: Schools (Mar 2016)
Don't hesitate to call us the next time you're looking for a flexible School Campus to film.

Spotlight: Newly Available Warehouses (Mar 2016)
Check out these great warehouses to see if one of them works for your long or short productions.

Spotlight: Cole Crest Estate (Feb 2016)
Awesome high end contemporary home would love to host your next film project.

Spotlight: Charitable Locations (Dec 2015)
Tis’ the Season for Giving! Help families in need by filming at any of these incredible properties, including film accommodating shelters and missions.

Spotlight: LIMSLA Studio (Dec 2015)
Now available through Real to Reel, a mid-size studio lot equipped with a diverse variety of filmmaking amenities: including stages, recording facilities, and storage space.

NPR Marketplace (Dec 2015)
Real to Reel President, Gary Onyshko is featured on NPR's Markpetplace with his thoughts on the current state of the industry.

Spotlight: St Vincent Hidden Location Looks (Dec 2015)
St. Vincent's has these hidden looks you never thought possible in a hospital building!

Spotlight: Califa Building (Dec 2015)
The Califa Building is a completely vacant building perfect for filming corporate, government, and publishing house scenes. Conveniently located in the zone for your next production's consideration.

Spotlight: Vacant Office Buildings (Nov 2015)
Real to Reel proudly represents vacant office buildings with ample parking and facilities perfect for your next production's office needs, both on and off camera.

Spotlight: The Irvine Spectrum and Fashion Island (Nov 2015)
Real to Reel proudly presents The Irvine Spectrum & Fashion Island, two of California's most sought-after entertainment and shopping complexes.

New Directions (Nov 2015)
The New Directions building is a perfect place to film your production's next hospital, school, or office scene. As one of Real to Reel's popular exclusive buildings, we've worked out all the kinks to help your shoot go as smooth as possible.

Spotlight: New Hollywood & Highland Center (Oct 2015)
The Hollywood & Highland Center A newly revitalized film program with more availability than ever before!    

Schools (Oct 2015)
Flexible Schools available now!  

Spotlight: Boiler room at St. Lukes (Oct 2015)
Amazing Industrial Looks and Boiler Room at St. Lukes Hospital!                                               

Spotlight: LA Mission (Sep 2015)
At the LA Mission, all Location Fees go directly to their Charity!

Spotlight: Nestle Warehouse (Sep 2015)
The vacant Nestle Plant, a former working factory, is now a full-time film location!

Spotlight: Production Office Alternatives (Sep 2015)
A variety of office options for any size production.

Hope Gardens Spotlight (Sep 2015)
Hope Gardens. You knew about the campus, did you know about the medical looks?

Spotlight: Experium Science Academy (Aug 2015)
Experium Science Academy in Torrance Ultra Modern Labs and Office Complex with all the Parking you'll ever need!

Spotlight: Office Buildings (Aug 2015)
A Variety of Office Looks for any Script!

Spotlight: Alla Road Center (Jul 2015)
Introducing... The Alla Road Center Vacant, versatile, and full of cubicles...all in one incredible location!

Spotlight: Manhattan Village Mall + more (Jul 2015)
Introducing... The Manhattan Village Mall. Plenty of vacant and versatile areas ready for filming!

School- Summer break (Jul 2015)
School is out for Summer! Which makes filming at these wonderful schools so much easier...

Califa Building (Jun 2015)
Introducing... The Califa Building! 100% vacant offices w/cubicles available for your next shoot!

Temple Street Stages (Jun 2015)
Introducing... The Temple Street Stages Your New One Stop Shop for Short or Long Term Productions!

Paramount Properties (Jun 2015)
Check out these Amazing Locations!  Just a few miles from Paramount and other Hollywood Studio lots.

Updated Villa Carlotta Apartments May2015 (May 2015)
The Villa Carlotta New,Improved and Available for Filming!

Follow Your Heart warehouse (May 2015)
RTR proudly presents... Follow Your Heart Building Vacant, Versatile and Film Friendly!

Mt. Waterman (May 2015)
RTR proudly presents... Mt. Waterman Ski Mountain Privately owned ski mountain on unincorporated Los Angeles County land.

Nestle Warehouse (Apr 2015)
The Nestle Plant is the former working factory, now a full time film location!

Golden Heart Ranch (Apr 2015)
Introducing... Golden Heart Ranch Our Newest Location that Benefits Another Great Charity!

West Side Master List (Apr 2015)
Check out these Amazing West Side Locations! Just a few miles from Fox, Sony and other Studio Lots 

Updated Sunkist (Mar 2015)
Now easier than ever to film at... The Sunkist Building With New Vacant Dressed Areas & No More Restrictions on Lobby or Front Entrance.

Hospital Master (Mar 2015)
We've got the perfect Hospital for you... With so many Medical Looks to choose from,  we're bound to have what you're looking for

Petroleum Building (Mar 2015)
The Petroleum Building Centrally located Downtown, Versatile  and Film Friendly!

School- spring break (Mar 2015)
Spring Break is just around the corner! Which makes filming at these wonderful schools so much easier...

Oceanview Medical (Feb 2015)
Oceanview Medical Offices and Labs Versatile, Flexible and Awaiting your next shoot!

New Silverlake Medical (Feb 2015)
The Silver Lake Medical Center Conveniently Located and Film Friendly!

John Tracy Clinic (Feb 2015)
The John Tracy Clinic Perfect for your next Retirement Home or Police Interrogation, Versatile, Film Friendly and ready to go!

MEND 1&2 (Feb 2015)
MEND, Everything you need at one location, now more flexible than ever! All filming revenue helps support a vital non-profit!

Updated Villa Carlotta Apartments (Feb 2015)
The Villa Carlotta New, Improved and Now Fully Available for Filming!

Nordhoff Warehouse (Feb 2015)
Re-introducing The Nordhoff Warehouses!

Westside Pavilion Mall 2015 (Jan 2015)
The Westside Pavilion wants to host your next shoot!

Variety Boys and Girls Club (Jan 2015)
Variety Boys and Girls Club, Brand New Building Available for Filming AND Your Location Fees go right back into their good cause!

Lilac Lane Ranch (Jan 2015)
Say Hello to The Lilac Lane Ranch.   Will you be the first to film here?  

The Villages II Copy (Jan 2015)
The Villages Complex Now with a new medical ward!

URM, Hope Gardens, LA Mission, MEND (Nov 2014)
Tis’ the Season for Giving! Help families in need by filming at any of these incredible properties and all Location Fees will go directly to their charities!

Sunkist Building (Nov 2014)
The Sunkist Building! Now with New Completely Vacant, Dressed Office Looks!

Perry House (Oct 2014)
The Lucerne Estate. Historic Mansion built in 1902. Vacant and Available for the first time in 20 years!

Hope Gardens Copy Copy (Sep 2014)
The Hope Gardens Campus, Still the best kept secret in Los Angeles!

St. Luke's Complex Copy (Aug 2014)
Luke's Hospital and Medical Complex  Now available with Vacant Office Building, adjacent Power Plant, Medical Office Building.

DPS Warehouse (Aug 2014)
Introducing The Burbank Warehouse Stages - Exclusively represented by RTR Locations -   Two Vacant Stages Two Separate Buildings Over 28,000 sq. ft. of available shooting space and offices included!

Carlton Way Condos (Aug 2014)
The Carlton Way Condos in Hollywood. A Vacant condo building that could be your next big location!

Jazz and Wine at Hollywood & Highland (Jul 2014)
Join us tomorrow night for Hollywood & Highland’s final Wine and Jazz event of the summer season, and enjoy the perks of being a VIP:  VIP pass to this event includes, free beer, free wine and free food!

Movie night at CCC (Jul 2014)
Join us for a sneak peek of the campus TONIGHT with FREE Music, Movie, and More!*Email us or Post a selfie to our Facebook page of you at the event and receive a 10% discount

Christ Cathedral Campus (Jul 2014)
Real To Reel Locations is proud to present: Christ Cathedral Campus(The former Crystal Cathedral)

Wonderland (Jun 2014)
Introducing The Wonderland Studios-  A former covert U.S. Military Base open to filming for the first time!

Experium Science Academy (Jun 2014)
Experium Science Academy in Torrance: Ultra Modern Labs and Office Complex with all the Parking you'll ever need!

Macerich Copy (Jun 2014)
The Macerich Retail Centers- Introducing five incredibly diverse malls available to host your next film project!Exclusively represented by Real to Reel Locations 

Hollywood & Highland Center (Jun 2014)
The Hollywood & Highland Center: When did you scout here last?....... Now with reduced rates for smaller productions!

The Plummer Building (May 2014)
Have you scouted The Plummer Building yet?Completely Vacant building,High ceiling lobby with reception desk, and much more!

Petition to keep Production in CA (May 2014)
Join us in support of Filmworks efforts to keep Productions (and jobs) in California! Please sign the Petition below:

House Research Institute (May 2014)
The House Research Institute (formerly known as the House Ear Institute)Architectually Renowned, 5-story Modern building in downtown LA,Vacant Offices, Labs, and more spaces than ever before!

Westside Pavilion BME (Aug 2014)
The Company That Brings Private Owners and the Film Industry Together818-785-7075Other Locations:HospitalsHotelsIndustrialLarge Ranches and LandLoftsMuseumsOfficesReligiousResidentialRestaurants and BarsSchoolsSports & RecreationRetail StoresHollywood & HighlandMacerichWarehouses For More (818) 785-7075Have you scouted the incredible Westside Pavilion? .....~ Now Exlusively Represented by Real to Reel Locations ~ Located in the heart of the West SideMultiple l

Hollywood & Highland Center (May 2014)
The Hollywood & Highland Center: The Most Film Friendly Location in Hollywood ......Exclusively Represented by Real To Reel Locations - Now with reduced rates for smaller production

URM, JACCC, LA Mission Copy (Apr 2014)
Trifecta of downtown locations all on the same street!

Office buildings (Apr 2014)
Diverse Office Buildings, Walking Distance Apart!

Ramona Convent School Copy (Mar 2014)
The Ramona Convent School A Classic Sprawling Campus with a Modern Touch!

Macerich (Mar 2014)
Macerich Retail Centers is Introducing five spectacularly diverse malls that are available to host your next film project.

Queens Road/Estate Mansion (Mar 2014)
The Queens Road Hollywood Estate.             

The Envision Center (Feb 2014)
The Envision Center. Now with THREE separate Stages!

Industrial Looks (Feb 2014)
Diverse & Available Industrial Complexes for your next Shoot!

The Villages II (Feb 2014)
The Villages...Vacant, Versatile, and Available!

Tarzana Warehouse Stages (Feb 2014)
The Tarzana Warehouse Stages Clean, Restored, and Available!

Sunkist Building Copy (Jan 2014)
The Sunkist Building More spaces available with multiple looks!

The Temple Judea (Jan 2014)
The Incredible Temple Judea So many looks, so little stress!

Sunny Locations (Jan 2014)
You could be filming TODAY at any of these WARM and SUNNY L.A. Locations          

Holiday Party 2013 (Dec 2013)
The LMGA Holiday Party 2013!  ...... Real to Reel would like to thank everyone who joined us for the LMGA Holiday Party last Sunday at the Sonoma Wine

LMGA Holiday party reminder (Dec 2013)

Silver Lake Medical Copy (Nov 2013)
The Silver Lake Medical Center Now Available for Filming!- Hospital Drive Up-Open Lobby with Reception- Large Waiting Room...

Hope Gardens Copy (Nov 2013)
The Hope Gardens Family Center- All filming revenue goes dirctly back into their charity to help families in need.

Sunkist Building (Oct 2013)
The Sunkist Building More spaces available with multiple looks -Built in 1971-8.5 acre property-Massive UN meeting room.

Need Warehouses & Stages? We Got em'! (Oct 2013)
Diverse & Available Warehouses for Short and Long term Shoots!

Multiple Schools (Sep 2013)
Check Out our Variety of Film Friendly Schools with so many versatile looks

Temple Judea Copy (Sep 2013)
The Ultra Modern Temple Judea; So many looks, so little stress! Huge two story lobby with pillars and floor to ceiling glass.

Lakewood Center (Sep 2013)
The Lakewood Center is the most versatile mall and it has some secret underground tunnels.

Westside Pavilion (Aug 2013)
The Westside Pavilion  The most versatile & film friendly mall on the Westside! 

Torrance Marriott (Aug 2013)
The Torrance Marriott has it all -Wide open lobby with traditional check in area Covered and open valet drive Incredible two-story lobby and bar

Santa Monica Place (Aug 2013)
Santa Monica Place- Brand new outdoor Shopping Center - Ready for Filming!-Located at the base of the 3rd Street Promenade.

Temple Judea (Jul 2013)
The Ultra Modern Temple Judea.

Last Chance to Shoot Precision Dynamics (Jun 2013)
Precision Dynamics- Dressed Labs, Dressed Office Space, Open Warehouse...100% Vacant-75,000 SF-Isolated and freestanding building.

Theaters (Jun 2013)
Multiple Theaters, Variety of looks, all in the Zone!

The Villages (Jun 2013)
The Villages...Vacant, Versatile, and Available!.......-8 total buildings, Multiple school/office/apartment looks.

3D Stereolab Stages (Jun 2013)
The 3D Stereolab Stages & New downtown,all-in-one stages, Large stage with high ceilings-Built in Cyclorama-Wide open design, lots of space!

Taper Warehouse (Jun 2013)
The Taper Storage& Warehouse- Like the Indiana Jones warehouse... with offices!Dressed and ready to film!

5900 Wilshire and LA Magazine (May 2013)
Los Angeles Magazine Offices & Newly renovated upscale offices at the film friendly 5900 Wilshire!

The Crescent Building (May 2013)
Amazing Beverly Hills Office Building; Now with Revitalized Film Program! Tallest Rotunda Lobby in Beverly Hills, Floor to ceiling windows, Granite Floors, and much more

Silver Lake Medical (May 2013)
The Silver Lake Medical Center is now Available for Filming- Hospital Drive Up-Open Lobby with Reception- Large Waiting Room.

Retail Centers (May 2013)
Multiple Retail Centers, Variety of looks, all in the Zone!

Tarzana Warehouse Stages - Now Available Again! BME Copy (Jul 2013)
Tarzana Warehouse Stages - After 2 Seasons as a full-time home for MTV's Awkward, this budget friendly complex of converted warehouse stages and abundant production offices!

Hope Gardens Repeat (May 2013)
The Hope Gardens Family Center - All property's revenue from filming goes directly back into their charity to help families in need.

St. Luke's Complex (May 2013)
St. Luke's Hospital and Medical Complex - Now available with Vacant Office Building, adjacent Power Plant, Medical Office Building, and more exteriors than you can imagine!

Arroyo Pacific Academy, and other schools (May 2013)
The Arroyo Pacific Academy - Two Buildings, One Street, a Myriad of looks...

Hollywood & Highland Center (May 2013)
The Hollywood & Highland Center - Famous landmarks, Anywhere USA retail, and more Looks than you can Imagine!

The Sherrill Store Fronts (May 2013)
The Sherrill Store Fronts: A slice of Middle America in the heart of Pasadena

Magnetecs (Apr 2013)
High-tech modern lab, fully available for filming - all equipment and dressing included!

House Research Institute (Apr 2013)
The House Research Institute - Architecturally Renowned, 5-story Modern building in downtown LA Vacant Offices, Labs, and much more!

Hope Gardens (Apr 2013)
The Hope Gardens Family Center: All revenue from filming goes dirctly back into their charity to help families in need.

URM, JACCC, LA Mission (Apr 2013)
Three incredible properties - all within walking distance of each other downtown!

One of a Kind Industrial Complex - AES Factory back and more film friendly than ever! (Mar 2013)
The AES Factory, Redondo Beach - Reinvigorated program for filming, now under new film management

CBOL (Mar 2013)
The CBOL Buildings: Available short term or long term, the twin CBOL buildings have what you need

Diverse Laboratory Looks (Mar 2013)
Multiple Labs for any look! Dressed and clean, ready to film Contemporary, Hi-Tech and Traditional styles in various layouts...

Los Angeles Mission (Mar 2013)
The famous Los Angeles Mission downtown Now Available for Filming!

Crown Cities Clinics (Mar 2013)
Crown Cities Medical Group: Three beautiful clinics, one location. All located directly across the street from St. Luke’s Hospital!

A High-Tech Lab like nothing you've ever seen before! (Mar 2013)
The Magnetics Lab & Showroom - Now Available for Filming!

Silver Lake Medical Center (Mar 2013)
The Silver Lake Medical Center - Now Available for Filming!

Former Rolling Stone Restaurant & Nightclub now Available for Filming! (Mar 2013)
Former Rolling Stone Restaurant & Nightclub - now vacant and available for filming! Part of Hollywood & Highland and exclusively represented by RTR Locations. Full upscale restaurant, nightclub and bars...vacant, dressed and ready to shoot!

The JACCC Introduces New Chic Event Space (Feb 2013)
The Japanese American Cultural & Community Center - Check out the multiple new spaces available at the JACCC!

Precision Dynamics (Feb 2013)
The Del Sur Building - Dressed Labs, Dressed Office Space, Open Warehouse... All in ONE 100% VACANT BUILDING!

Agua Dulce Winery with Vacant Mansion (Feb 2013)
The diverse Agua Dulce Winery has everything you need - including a vacant plantation-style Estate. Perfect for Long Term shoots!

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